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Whether you own an existing credit repair agency or are looking to start one on an accelerated basis, we handle 360° of the process for you.
Whether you own an existing credit repair agency or are looking
to start one on an accelerated basis, we handle 360° of the process for you.

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Meet Marcelo Palomo

After just one year of selling used cars, I was let go for making a simple mistake. Worse yet, I was a top-performing sales representative. I’m living proof that no matter how secure you feel in a job, you’re never in full control if you’re not the boss. After that, I decided to take control of my financial future by starting a credit repair agency in 2018. 

It didn't take long before I...
  • Began earning six-figure annual income, entirely online
  • ​Developed time-saving automations to generate profits while I slept
  • Achieved an up to 80% close rate, oftentimes with just one call
  • And helped countless other entrepreneurs just like you follow in my footsteps
That’s right. After achieving personal success, I started building entire credit repair agencies for clients. All they need to do is complete a fill-in-the-blanks assignment that takes around 15 minutes. 

So what exactly do I provide?

  • *The entire credit repair agency, done-for-you*
  • An all-encompassing sales and marketing system
  • Ready-made automations and funnels to generate clients
  • ​Actionable strategies to scale your system
  • ​Step-by-step guidance to skip straight to results

Three Steps. 
Limitless Earning Potential

Step 1

We help you learn how to create 
a company that stands out from 
the rest of the crowd, so that you 
can capture the attention of your audience in order to produce sales. This will even allow people who have already tried to get their own credit repair fixed to give it another shot with your company. 

Step 2 

We guide you on how to charge for your services in order to maximize your earnings, so that you can scale to a higher income bracket at a faster pace. This will increase the ratio of your income being higher than your business expenses.  

Step 3

No need to build anything. We give you the sales, advertising and marketing system. All you have to do is fill in the blanks with your personalized content. From there, we can get together in order to refine your business. 

Step 1

Step 2 

Step 3

After you complete the signup form, we’ll get started with a free, 45-minute strategy session. From there, you’ll understand exactly what the road ahead looks like on the path to six-figure returns
We build 100% of the credit repair agency for you, including your sales, marketing, and dispute management team. This is the #1 biggest obstacle for new entrepreneurs. By handling the entire process on your behalf, we create a done-for-you solution that’s ready for growth. If you already own a credit repair agency, we implement a new approach to reignite your traffic and sales. 
Once we’re done building, we show you the strategies to continue scaling your way to six-figure revenue. This is the stage when you take over the business, putting the lessons, techniques, and practices we teach you into action. By following our guidance, you can generate sustainable high income

The Automated CRA Advantage

Entrepreneurs who work with Automated CRA are in the optimal position for ultra-high earnings and growth for their credit repair agencies. Here’s why: 
We skip over the fluff, such as spending years building an email list or months producing content for social media. Instead, we show you exactly how to skip straight to high-profit activities that save time while propelling your credit repair agency to six-figure income. 
Agency growth courses today are oftentimes long-winded and unfocused. As a result, you spend hours in front of your computer screen without learning the actionable steps you need to grow. At Automated CRA, we do the leg work for you and only focus on the need-to-know for profits. 
While other agency-building programs talk the talk, Automated CRA walks the walk. That’s because we build your entire agency for you. This made-to-scale approach gets your credit repair agency off to a running start to maximize your probability of success. 
Our approach is centered on low-pressure sales. What this means is that clients who choose your credit repair agency will be high-quality and motivated to work with you. This leads to 5-star reviews, referrals, repeat business, and the satisfaction of helping people in need of better credit.
I now have the confidence that I can scale my business and be competitive in the industry.” - Darlene M.
It was like a plug and play and was very easy to get started. I honestly believe this program is worth way more than it’s selling for right now.” - Demetria D.
If you’re struggling with your business, look no further.” - Latoyia A.